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Creative Arts Therapy and Coaching Services 

What is Art Therapy?


Art therapy is the clinical and evidence based use of art interventions to accomplish individualized goals within the context of a therapeutic relationship.  Art therapy uses art media, the creative process and the resulting artwork as a therapeutic and healing process to explore feelings, reconcile emotional conflicts, foster self-awareness, manage behavior and addictions, develop social skills, improve reality orientation, reduce anxiety, and increase self-esteem. An art therapist’s education is well grounded in both art and art therapy in addition to human development, counseling, and psychotherapy. Research supports the use of art therapy within a professional relationship for the therapeutic benefits gained through artistic self-expression and reflection for individuals who experience illness, trauma, and mental health problems and those seeking personal growth.

(The American Art Therapy Association)


Baby Bee Maternal Wellness provides art therapy to mothers seeking support with adjusting to the ever-changing landscape of motherhood.  We specialize in working with mothers with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMADS), and mothers recovering from trauma.  

Bee Tribe Moms
Art Therapy Groups
New Moms Depression and Anxiety Group 
(for expectant and postpartums moms) 
Wednesday 5:30-7 PM
Traumatic Birth and Postpartum Recovery
(TBD with registration)
$35 per session; phone screening required prior to attending

Art Therapy for All Mothers


Since ancient times, art has been used for self expression, communication, and to make records.  Art can serve the same function for mothers today.  Through the process of making art, we are able to access our symbols, and through our personal symbols we come in touch with our inner world.


Expectant Mothers

If you have never given birth before, you will soon learn that childbirth also brings you into a very interior space of yourself as well.  Through creating birth art with an art therapist to facilitate and support the process, mothers can face and conquer their fears, challenge their perceptions, explore upcoming role changes, and understand themselves more fully.


Postpartum Mothers

For postpartum mothers expressive arts sessions can help you create a birth narrative, process challenging or traumatic birth experiences and postpartum challenges, all while providing self care, increasing self esteem, reducing stress, and coming to understand yourself more as a woman and a mother.


“Been there, done that” Mothers– Did you know that mothers are more likely to be depressed 4 years after giving birth than at any point in the first 12 months, where postpartum depression is typically diagnosed?  Mothering is difficult work.  Art therapy can allow you to increase your self care, decrease stress and depression, and express yourself in a whole new way.


Expressive arts sessions are $35 for a 90-minute group session and $105 for a 50-minute individual session which includes art supplies.  Baby Bee Maternal Wellness is unable to accept health insurance.  Therapy sessions are held in our Tempe office, however for an additional fee in-home sessions can be arranged for mothers on bed rest. 


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