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Advanced Doula Training at South Phoenix Healthy Start in 2013

I created this mandala to process a birth early in my career as a doula. 


Birth Processing for Birth Professionals


By the very nature of the work that we do, birth professionals are at risk for secondary traumatization and burnout. In the same way we go for a massage to relieve our strained muscles after hours of hips squeezes over the edge of a birth tub, we must seek support when we are emotionally and mentally impacted by what is witnessed in the birth room.  


Art therapy provides an outlet for safe, creative self expression to explore and process your experience of particularly difficult and traumatic births. Your art therapist will provide non-judgemental and confidential support, and will guide you in accessing your creative resources to decrease distress, increase insight, and support emotional resiliency.  


Some birth professionals may benefit from only one session, while others may benefit from multiple sessions.  Think of your art sessions as an investment in yourself and your business!  It is our aim to support the longevity of your career.

Sessions are $30 for a 90 minute group session and $65 for a 50 minute individual session.  Bartering for individual sessions is available on a case-by-case basis for self care services which may include massage therapy, chiropractic care, aesthetician services, meal preparation, and childcare provided by qualified individuals.  

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