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Weathering an Emotional Storm

On a good day being a mother is a challenge. On the worst days it can feel damn near impossible. Here are some ideas for I.N.S.P.I.R.E(d ) self care to help you weather an emotional storm and get back to experiencing joy and peace more quickly.

Intuition – Follow your intuition over the opinions of others. Your intuition will lead you to the lessons that you are meant to learn.

Needs– In challenging moments, ask your heart what it needs, and then attend to those needs.

Sensuality– Every day life is a sensual experience if you let it be. Pay attention to the sounds, sights, and scents, sensations, and savor the joyful moments.

Pace/Play– As often as you can, take your time, go at your own pace. Don’t forget to make time for play. Art is play...make art.

Initiate- Initiate contact with friends, family, your mentor, and your therapist. Healing and growth happen in relationships.

Rest/Recover- Take time while you are awake to mindfully rest. Put down your cellphone, get off your computer and observe your breath. Focus on what you need in order to recover.

End– Remember that there is an end to this crisis; “This too shall pass.” When you feel that the storm has gone on long enough try calling an end to your crisis. It may not change things around you, but can serve to change the way in which you respond.

This list is a jumping off point. I'd love to work with you one-on-one to create your personalized Joy and Peace Recovery plan so that you can navigate your storm from a grounded, confident, and peaceful place.

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