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Crafting with Kids: Paper Mache Pumpkin

As it starts to get marginally cooler in Arizona (low 90s) and the leaves start to fall (theoretically at least) I am starting to feel crafty! As a child, crafting with my mom and sister was one of my favorite things to do. My mom had an art project for nearly every holiday, if my memory serves me well.

I got the inspiration to make this paper mache pumpkin from one of the youth art therapists I work with. Since my daughter was gone for the weekend I sat down to make it myself, but I assure you this project can easily be fun for the whole family. With littles, parents may do most of the work and littles can be the helpers, while older kids can practice leadership and team work skills. Through making art together, older family members can work on letting go of perfectionism and the desire to control through letting the children lead, and find gentle ways to coach and support children to build their confidence. Kids get to enjoy making a mess, and get to take responsibility for cleaning up!

Here is a pumpkin tutorial from Art Projects For Kids to get the Halloween and Harvest fun started in your house. DLTK's crafts for kids has a few recipes for paper mache glue that you can chose from. I chose option #2: The Cook Method which turned into lumpy gravy for me, but made smooth surface when all was said and done. All three options work, so pick your poison* (This was meant as a joking halloween reference, but then I remembered consuming raw flour can be dangerous...see below). My final paper mache layer is newsprint paper, instead of paper towels, and white computer paper is another option. Feel free to adlib the directions, use what you have at home, and do what feels right. Making crafts can be about experimenting, and the process is at least as valuable as the finished product.

Have fun and please share your paper mache pumpkins on Baby Bee's Facebook Page- Baby Bee Wellness for Moms. Happy Crafting!

*Bacteria can be present in flour so if you have littles that may taste paper mache glue, you will need to do your own research about flour safety guidelines to avoid health concerns.

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